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Toastmasters International

Objective of every Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member can develop his communication and leadership skills.
In an active and varied exercise program, exercise and we practice the art of rhetoric. Particular emphasis is placed on linguistic style, body language and voice-leading. This is done in an atmosphere of mutual esteem, creativity, joy and professionalism.
Active roles, impromptu speeches and regular speech competitions make Toastmasters rhetoric training unique and promotes all automatically also the leadership qualities of the members.
Further information of Toastmasters International you will find here: www.toastmasters.org

Welcome to our ”Rhetorik-Club Freiburg“!

Our club ”Rhetorik-Club Freiburg“ was founded in 2014 as german Club. We are a colorful bunch of sympatic and open minded people.
From students up to managing directors – all with one goal: we want to improve your speech skills. That´s the fact: If you are able to have a good speech skill you are having advantage over others.
The skill to performe a good speech without a lot of “aahs” and “hmms” will help you in many cases, special in your career. Good speech performer will get good jobs and will be paid more than others.
One special person you all know was also a member of Toastmasters: President Obama.
 Now you can see that he is speaking in front of thousands of people and he loves it!
On our club in Freiburg we have about 35 active members and everyone gets appreciation and will have the opportunity to get better in rhetoric in a secure framework.
Because of some very active members we are able to provide an English speaking club which will be held once a month. It is very popular so we maybe will have more dates in the future.
Every date and all informations you will find on this website.We would be pleased to welcome you in our club  at one meeting to see what we do and how we handle all. And if you like it you can join us as a new member!