Welcome to our rhetorik-club!

With us you will develop your communication and leadershipskills in our supportive and positive learning environment.

Does “Toastmasters Freiburg” interest you?

Do you want to become a confident public speaker and strong leader? If so, Toastmasters is the place for you. You’ll find a supportive learn-by-doing environment that allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace. Learn how Toastmasters has changed the lives of members.
 We help each other to grow personally by speaking. If you want to practice speaking in front of groups or in public, at toastmasters clubs you will improve also your self-confidence.

Guests are always welcome at our rhetoric club “Toastmasters Freiburg”. You decide if you participate right away or just enjoy the meeting by observing.

Learn to held speeches by speaking

The Toastmasters clubs offer the ideal environment with a positive atmosphere and a protected space to reduce nervousness and gain self confidence. There are no teachers holding monologues. Instead is the continuous practice in the foreground. The reciprocal constructive feedback, which is an essential key to the success of the Toastmasters method is important. The wide-ranging program allows you to learn basic speech and presentation techniques. At each meeting, each and every one has to pursue the opportunity, whether impromptu or prepared. In addition to the roles during the club evenings, there are also different ways to be active, for example the organization of meetings or special events, public relation work or being active as a mentor.

Toastmasters International

In 1924 Ralph Smedley founded the non-profit organisation “Toastmasters” International in the USA to foster communication and leadership competences. There are worldwide around 332.000 members and 15.400 clubs in 135 countries.
The programm of Toastmasters allows you to overcome your fears of talking, improves your self-consiousness and improve your ability to give a speech in fromt of an audience.

The rhetoric-club “Toastmasters Freiburg” is a german speaking club.

We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to support developing every members communication and leadership skills in a gentle athmosphere.  Based on the engagement and enthusiasm of all members ensures reaching this goal.

From Toastmasters you will receive lot of interesting information and gain new knowledge that is mediated through the prepared speeches at each meeting. We learn always from each other. Because the different personalities from different nations with different energies are gathered here.
Therefore, no Toastmasters meeting is as the others, but over and over again it is a very special new experience.